The Cafe Of Employee Engagement

Today we’re offering up another employee engagement activity idea which you may not have thought about.

Why not get your senior management and leadership teams to host lunches in the staff canteen or rest room? These areas can be filled with inspiring and motivational communication messages, information relating to employee engagement issues can be presented in a colourful and fun way i.e. brightly coloured charts, graphs and infograms.

Managers can meet with employees in this setting, making personal connections, and obtaining an insight and answering any questions or queries associated with engagement ideas. Let your workforce tell you what motivates or demotivates them to give their best whilst at work.

Performing an activity such as this, in an informal and personal way, encourages many people to get involved in coming up with engaging ideas. These ideas can be scrutinised together and will go a long way to help employers come up with employee engagement plans that your staff want to see happening. It can help acquire a wealth of accurate, timely and relevant information.

This kind of exercise is open, spontaneous and intuitive which can ignite collaboration between all levels of staff as well as developing better connected working within teams and departments.

In addition to this, and more importantly, it exhibits genuine care and support from senior management, a benefit which will instil trust and loyalty in your workforce.

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