Speak And Show

One powerful employee engagement activity to consider is the organising of storytelling sessions.

Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. It’s a unique way for your employees to better develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for their work colleagues and the organisation they work for. Listening to stories enable us to rethink and change our actions and behaviours and they promote a positive attitude to staff from all levels of your organisation.

These story telling exercises can become even more influential and fundamental in your employee engagement efforts if coupled and supported by the use of visuals. The use of imagery to accompany a story helps to illustrate what is being said and what is needing to be understood. Visualisation gives people an alternative prospective on what is going on among people at work on a day to day basis and can help them to be involved, more engaged and better connected to problematic and challenging business issues. Images bring stories to life and will embolden greater insights from your workforce.

Ultimately, storytelling and imagery will engage people in dialogue and will spark more varying and forward thinking ideas and as everyone has a tale to tell, then everyone has the potential to be involved and better engaged at work.

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