Could Your Boss Do What You Do?

Here’s another great idea to influence engagement amongst your employees. Whilst not as extreme as ‘Undercover Boss’ on Channel 4, it will most certainly create a more engaged workforce.

Arrange an exercise whereby your team leaders and managers get involved in front line activities and work in partnership with those employees carrying out those jobs. Just as an example, they could answer telephones, man receptions, get out on the factory floor and get dirty digging holes.

Whilst carrying out these types of duties, they will receive a wealth of information, ideas and suggestions – honestly and unscripted – not only from the people whose job it originally is, but from possible interaction with external influences such as clients and suppliers.

The managers can then relay their experiences of taking part in these front line roles, to the staff they have worked alongside and to other senior members of the organisation.

From these experiences, constructive and positive improvements that they believe should be made can be rolled out, communicated and quickly put into place.

This type of engagement activity is very impressive when correctly and carefully implemented. It will get team leaders and the staff working together to look for and distribute improvements within the organisation. One of the main benefits will be an increased visibility of senior management, which has a direct and positive impact on how these managers are viewed amongst employees.

This idea exhibits real and genuine support and goes a long way to achieving answers to issues. The final results will have been made in a joined up and hand in hand manner, collaboratively: the absolute foundation of what inspires and motivates employee engagement in the workplace.

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