A Slide? In The Office?

Absolutely! Why not? Google have done just that.

It’s true that our environment and surroundings very much impact on our thinking, well-being and behaviour.

So when it comes to getting the very best ideas from your staff, encouraging everyone to get along and to better influence engagement of employees, a review of the workplace environment is a must.

This may not necessarily mean the immediate vicinity in which your employees work, remember, employee engagement regularly occurs outside of where you expect it – staff rooms, hallways, canteens and at the water cooler.

Of course, the ergonomics of office furniture and equipment play a huge part in creating the perfect working environment, but how about considering other, alternative things like vivid colours, unusual textures, and mood lighting to enrich your employees working experience. And how about ‘fun’ things….

It’s a fact that Google has emerged as a ‘fun’, fresh place to work and they have created some very unusual and ‘way out’ surroundings to stimulate and relax their employees in their offices. This includes not being more than 100 metres away from food, so there are plenty of kitchens and cafes around offering 3 meals a day at no cost to the staff. Their office in Zurich has a snake like slide going from one floor of the office to another. In another of their offices you’ll find a rowing boat to sit in and in others strange looking ‘meeting’ pods and hammocks to rest in.

So it’s clear that anything goes when it comes to providing an interesting, stimulating and invigorating place to work, and if you’re employees are engaged and happy, your organisation will soon reap the benefits of a more productive workforce.

It might be an idea to run a staff survey to get an idea of what your employees think and include questions relating to their working environment.

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