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Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

January 30th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | 1 Response

We’re branching out and are getting very excited about the recent growth of our company, resulting in new members joining the team and an influx of new clients to work in partnership with.

It occurred to me on my way into work this morning, looking around at the baron trees and wondering when they’ll be in bud and full again, that my link to trees is not just relevant to our company growing from small beginnings.  It also has a significant relevance to the ethos we have about reducing our carbon footprint and doing ‘our bit’ to help our environment.

Of course, we are actively carrying out the obvious measures to keep ‘green’.  We try and use as little paper as possible in the office, our light bulbs are energy saving ones, insulation in the office has improved, we car share and use public transport when travelling to meetings, we like to use local suppliers wherever possible and we have ‘hippo’s’ in … read more »

Welcome Aboard!

January 29th, 2014 by Gary Cattermole | No Responses

We at The Survey Initiative are very excited to have three new team members on board.

Today we’d like to introduce you to our first ‘newbie’, Alison McKinney.  Alison accepted our offer of employment as Project and Quality Assurance Manager in December 2013 and her role will be key in the on-going development of the company.

We’ve grown rapidly over the last twelve months and it is essential we retain our high quality service. Alison will help us ensure standards remain high, as well as offering administrative and organisational support.

“I’m delighted to be working in such a fast-paced environment and excited to support a growing business, whilst at the same time, gaining experience in a whole new industry and developing new skill sets” says Alison.

Alison has over 16 years’ experience in increasingly responsible roles.  Her career began in the finance industry, in particular within the customer service, mortgage and life insurance sector. After 11 years of employment in this field for a … read more »

Another One Bites The Dust

January 28th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | 1 Response

Research worldwide has shown that staff turnover in the hospitality sector (hotels, restaurants, bars, catering etc.) is one of the largest in the UK and there are many reasons for this.

Predominantly though, its’ mainly due to its transient, seasonal, casual and part-time workforce.

With changes in immigration patterns and a degree of de-regulation in our labour market and recent changes in migration administration, there is now a growing divergence in our migrant population employed in low- paid, low-skilled service jobs, which can be, found in the hospitality industry. Of course, there’s no telling whether these migrant workers intend to stay in the UK for the long term, let alone with their employer.

Many of the jobs on offer within hospitality are not only ‘flexible in nature’ but are often seasonal.  This makes working within this sector appealing to not only overseas migrant workers, but students and those wishing to work part-time.

In many respects the hospitality industry has benefited from such a workforce … read more »

Simply excellent customer service…and its links with employee engagement

January 27th, 2014 by Gary Cattermole | 1 Response

A few weekends ago my wife and I went to the Albert Hall to watch the Cirque de Soleil – a great evening and show it has to be said.

Knowing that the show finished quite late I made the decision to book an overnight stay in London so we could make the most of the weekend.  For no other reason other than the location was rather convenient for the Albert Hall, I booked an overnight stay at the Milestone Hotel on the Kensington Road.

I have never stayed at the Hotel before, nor have I stayed at any of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection (owners of the Milestone).

What we found from the moment we booked the hotel to arriving back home and beyond, is simply this – wonderful and excellent customer service.

From the Doorman to the Receptionist, and even Gentleman playing the piano during afternoon tea (who took a few seconds to say hello whilst playing!) contributed to … read more »

Impact, Innovate and Grow – how are we doing?

January 23rd, 2014 by Alison McKinney | 1 Response

As each New Year begins; one feels the need to review the year just gone and then look to changes for the future. It’s the same in business. Over the last few January’s we have reviewed our progress against our three word theme. Which we originally posted here in January 2012. Do You Have a Three Word Theme For Your Work in 2012? We thought a good way to start the New Year would be to review how we have performed against these themes.

After much discussion the team agreed upon Impact, Innovate and Grow as the set of key indicators for 2012 and retained these for 2013. The intention is to use to them to help set the direction of the business, inform our decision making, focus our marketing strategy and evaluate each project’s success.

In 2013, we were lucky to work on a number of exciting new projects where we were able to work closely with the client post survey … read more »

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