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Do you really get honest feedback about your managerial skills – 360 degree feedback could provide what you are looking for

February 20th, 2013 by Gary Cattermole | No Responses

The reality is that as you move your way up an organisation, you’ll receive less and less honest feedback, be it about yourself or your performance.  This is not overly surprising given that people can often find it difficult to give genuine open and honest feedback to a manager when asked face to face.

When we have responsibility for managing a team, we like to feel we are being a great manager, one who respects their team members, supports and challenges them in equal measure and creates an environment where they can give their best.  The reality is sometimes different.  The Daily Muse posted an article back in September that I felt was insightful, it picked up on three things to watch for:

  • They Act Like You’re Not There;
  • They Don’t Keep You in the Loop; and
  • They Don’t Play by the Rules.
  • We’ve been told time and again that 360 feedback has been incredibly helpful, in fact to some, it … read more »

    We need to raise employee engagement levels

    February 13th, 2013 by Gary Cattermole | 4 Responses

    Latest employee engagement figures from CIPD do not make great reading

    The latest report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (Winter 2012/13) shows that 35% of employees are engaged but the majority (61%) remain neutral.  4% of respondents are disengaged.

    In comparison to twelve months ago there is a very slight downward change, 36%, 60% and 3% respectively.

    The summer of 2012 offered the high point in terms of overall employee engagement at 39% (with just 3% disengaged) but we now find that scores are now inline with Winter 11/12.

    The highlights (although not at all surprising) of the latest report are that micro organisations (between 2 and 9 employees) have typically higher levels of engagement as opposed to large organisations (more than 250 employees) – 60% compared with 31%.  Although small organisations (between 10 and 49 employees) have the highest level of disengaged employees at 6% compared with 1% for micro and 5% for large businesses.

    The extent … read more »

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