A review of 2012 for The Survey Initiative

Last January, we posted our three-word theme for The Survey Initiative – Do You Have a Three Word Theme For Your Work in 2012? We thought a good way to start the New Year would be to review how we have performed against these themes.

After much discussion the team agreed upon Impact, Innovate and Grow as the set of key indicators for 2012. The intention was to use to them help set the direction of the business, inform our decision making, focus our marketing strategy and evaluate each project’s success.


In 2012, we worked with a number of new clients (DANTE, Moorfields Pharmaceuticals, M+W Group and Schaeffler Group Asia Pacific to name a few) and from first contact helped advise on the best approach to ensure their projects would meet their requirements. Our aim with all our projects continues to be the creation of actionable outputs that have a positive impact on an organisation and their employees.

We are inspired by the launch of the Engage for Success movement and are keen to share our expertise with others in our new roles as gurus within the organisation.


During 1212, we expanded our reporting capabilities, and introduced new ways to review staff engagement within the survey output. We developed a training needs analysis tool and enhanced our use of social media for communicating with clients and researching engagement.


As a company, we have continued to grow both in the number of contracts we deliver and also our team working to deliver for our clients. As part of our growth strategy, we are working with the lovely Big Wave PR to promote Employee Engagement and The Survey Initiative – so you should be hearing lots more about us!

Looking to the future, we hope to take ‘Grow’ one stage further. As we are carbon neutral, in 2013, we’ll be buying beautiful trees from the Woodland Trust for every new contract we win.

Help us plant many more trees and share our passion for people and the planet.