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Challenging your employee survey to meet business demands

June 7th, 2012 by Jaime Johnson | 2 Responses

The emphasis on how HR uses information has become much more strategic and in this economic climate the use of information may form the distinction between the organisational winners and losers. Does your employee survey stack up?

Data should provide insight not just information

Nick Kemsley in Personnel Today discusses how it has become more important for HR to use data to provide insight rather than just information, how it needs to relate to business impact rather than process and how HR must become more comfortable using less precise macro-level or trend data. The competitive advantage to those organisations embracing this shift in mindset should surely leave them better placed to weather the changing economy.

Feedback from employees, and in particular outputs from feedback tools such as employee surveys, needs to be incorporated into the business strategy and the information used to inform and drive it.

Does your employee survey deliver?

In light of this you need … read more »

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