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Putting wellbeing at the heart of employee engagement

May 9th, 2012 by Gary Cattermole | 2 Responses

These days, organisations are keener than ever to measure employees’ wellbeing as well as their employee engagement.

The two are inextricably linked, of course. But as wellbeing specialists like Dr Bridget Juniper point out:

…emerging research suggests that organisations that focus only on those areas associated with conventional engagement indicators, such as commitment and effort, are missing the point where enhancing performance is the overriding goal.

The problem, according to Juniper, is that ‘the scope given to workforce engagement is too restrictive’.

She’s certainly right when it comes to traditional models of measuring employee engagement.

For example, many organisations still use on employee engagement questionnaires that rely on one-size-fits-all questions to measure staff engagement.

The problem with this approach is that it can create a distorted picture of an organisation’s workforce. In extreme cases, off-the-peg questionnaires can generate a picture of a largely engaged workforce, but fail to pick up on warning signs … read more »

Why employee survey response rates are so important

May 4th, 2012 by Gary Cattermole | No Responses

Today we are closing an employee survey on behalf of one of our longest standing clients.

I thought I would share with you that, working alongside our client, we have achieved a response rate in excess of 80% (for the sixth year running).  As you can imagine our client is very happy that their survey has consistently provided an excellent response rate.

We have worked closely with them from the outset detailing the processes of maximising response rates but I just wanted to touch on ‘why’ getting as high a response rate as possible to your employee survey is so important.


From our perspective as an independent employee research organisation the very first thing a high response rate illustrates is that we have developed the survey correctly.  When large numbers of employees take part in the survey it shows that the survey has been well received and that employees feel and believe that the questions are relevant and that their … read more »

The propensity to overcomplicate employee engagement

May 1st, 2012 by Gary Cattermole | No Responses

Whilst reading some recent articles around employee engagement, I came across a paragraph from Linda Dulye, who has written an article on Fox Business.

“In the end, engaging employees to give their best starts with top bosses sharing the game plan, followed by managers ensuring great two-way communication. After that, empower associates to partner in solving business challenges, then demonstrate sincere appreciation and stay on track through continuous measurement and improvement.”

I think this paragraph wonderfully captures the simple essence of employee engagement.

Now, I know there will be many people who think/ voice the fact that employee engagement is complicated, that there are many factors that will affect someone’s likelihood of being an engaged employee.  Indeed, this is somewhat the case – although in actuality many of those factors are outside the control and scope of an organisation.

The fact remains however, that if you look at the many different views, opinions and research on employee engagement a lot appear to over complicate, … read more »

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