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‘Email culture’ – is it stifling employee engagement?

February 1st, 2012 by Jaime Johnson | 1 Response

We’ve seen quite a bit of evidence from research conducted over the past 18 months that employees and organisations are moving towards an ‘email culture’.  What this means in practice is not just that email is a medium of communication but it is rapidly replacing others forms of interaction, most notably ‘one-to-one’ interaction.  Employees are not getting up from their desks to go and speak to their colleagues face-to-face, from an employee engagement perspective this is worrying.  In addition, recent research has shows that 71 per cent of workers believe an increased number of people will work from home by 2036, whilst, 54 per cent of current workers believe they may never meet any other members of their team and 39 per cent think employees are unlikely to meet their bosses before starting work!!!

What we are seeing is a cultural shift that many organisations don’t realise is taking place, the effects it can have are quite startling.  Employees who spend … read more »

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