Do You Have a Three Word Theme For Your Work in 2012?

Inspired by an article Do You Have a 3 Word Theme For Your Work in 2012? posted on the web our Christmas homework was to consider what three-word theme The Survey Initiative could use to help focus our work and strategy for 2012.

The aim is to have more than a new year’s resolution but a set of key indicators that we can use to help set the direction of the business, inform our decision making, focus our marketing strategy and evaluate each projects success.

After much discussion and debate the team have agreed upon impact, innovate and grow.

We carefully considered the meaning of each of these words and what we as a team understand them to mean personally and for the business. The discussion not only made us consider how individually and as a team we see the company but it also made us take a look a language and how different words can evoke different responses from individuals.

We wanted our ideas to be understood both within the team and to be able to transfer these to suppliers, client organisations, in fact anyone the business came into contact with! The team considered how ineffective language weakens and distorts ideas. We decided if we wanted to be understood, and our ideas to spread, using effective language must be a top priority for the organisation.

Our discussion drove us to the dictionary to ensure that we were happy with the sentiment behind the chosen words:

impact             Pronunciation: /ˈɪmpakt/

noun a marked effect or influence

verb (impact on) have a strong effect on someone or something

innovate             Pronunciation: /ˈɪnəveɪt/

verb make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products

grow            Pronunciation: /grəʊ/

verb become larger or greater over a period of time develop or expand

Now that we have agreed on the three themes we felt the need to declare them to the world and will report back at the end of the year to see whether we have successfully used the themes to leverage business development.