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Research shows that Line Managers don’t act on their employee survey feedback – is this true?

November 22nd, 2011 by Gary Cattermole | 1 Response

Recent research from AON Hewitt and their European Engagement database suggests that line managers are not acting on their employee engagement survey feedback – on average spending only two to five days a year on engagement relating activities.

Is this really true and reflective?

Certainly one of employees major gripes about any employee based survey is action and will it be taken.

In our experience, we have seen a shift change in attitudes towards surveys by organisations over the past 10 years.  It could be argued that they were ‘tick box’ exercises – now, however, this isn’t the case.

Over the last few years all of the organisations we have worked with are genuinely dedicated to taking action that has a positive impact on their organisation, as a direct result of their employee survey feedback.  It would be fair to say, that in all my 15 years research experience, I’ve never seen such genuine commitment … read more »

Engaging the organisation in employee survey action planning

November 16th, 2011 by Jaime Johnson | 1 Response

As a follow up to our last blog on getting the most from action planning after your employee survey we thought we would provide you with some innovative ideas for engaging employees in the survey and the resulting actions.

Act Local

The idea of localness is important in raising the effectiveness of engagement activities, mass ‘one size fits all’ solutions typically fail to appreciate the different challenges and barriers to employee engagement presented by local conditions – report the survey findings to a local level and encourage local managers to action plan with their team.

What Went Right?

Organisations rarely analyse why things went right. When delivering your survey feedback ensure you build in ‘items to celebrate’. Hold exercises that focus on understanding why success occurred and how the organisation can build on these successes.

Original thinking

People are more likely to become engaged with difference … read more »

Employee survey – setting improvement actions

November 2nd, 2011 by Jaime Johnson | 2 Responses

This is the last in our series of blogs looking at getting the most from your employee survey.  You can read the previous blogs here.  In this blog we’ll look at setting improvement actions as a result of survey feedback.  An area oft forgotten!

Arguably the most important aspect of the employee survey process

Improvement action planning should be the most important part of the survey process – but a number of organisations fall down in this area. Statistical techniques such as factor and regression analysis can allow you to highlight the areas impacting on employee engagement and help to focus action planning.

Indices can be calculated in key areas; for example if the survey identified communication as an area needing improvement, you can set a target for the average communication score for the next survey.

Setting and then publishing these targets can have a powerful effect on both management and employees. If managers know … read more »

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