Employee survey analysis and reporting

Following on from our last recent blog ‘Designing your employee survey’.  Here is our latest about employee surveys, we cover analysis, reporting and benchmarking in further detail.

There are many different ways to analyse and report employee survey results. Each organisation has to decide on the best method for its needs. Some key factors to consider are as follows.

Generally, the best way to analyse a survey is for one person to go through all the data in detail and summarise the key issues – avoiding a lengthy written report. This can then be presented to the steering group who can request further analyses if required.

It is important to report the results to employees as quickly as possible. This will ensure that the momentum and interest generated will be maintained.

Ensure you focus mainly on the organisation’s strengths and the implications for action rather than the bad news. Wherever possible, present relevant local information to managers, as well as the strategic, organisation-wide picture.

It’s best to feed back results face to face. While this probably won’t be possible for the whole organisation, it should be done for local teams. This will allow employees to ask questions, suggest the root causes behind the results and discuss possible improvements.

How do you compare?

In order to put the results into context it may be useful to compare with other organisations or previous surveys.

Comparisons with other businesses are interesting and can provide a useful indicator of how well you’re doing. The Survey Initiative maintains a database of normative scores to key questionnaire items (benchmarking).

From a management perspective, it’s also important to be able to see how the results achieved in the survey compare with previous investigations. Comparing your results in this way will allow you to track the success of any policy changes or action taken as a result of the survey.

In our next blog, we’ll look at ‘Setting improvement actions’ – one of the most crucial aspects of a successful employee survey.  To find out how we can work with you to maximise your employee survey, just make contact!