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Employee Surveys – the true value of external benchmarking

August 31st, 2011 by Gary Cattermole | 3 Responses

When conducting any type of employee survey for our clients, be it engagement, empowerment, motivation and even work life balance – we are nearly always asked if we can provide comparisons against other organisations.

And, like any good employee research organisation, we do provide external comparisons.  We have a normative database of survey results from a wide range of clients.

However, we always ask our clients the following:

  • When describing your organisation do you detail what makes your organisation the same as every other?
  • If you are ‘pitching for new business’ do you include unique selling points that differentiate your organisation from others?

I suspect the answers to the above two questions are ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ and I wouldn’t be surprised either.

Each and every organisation is unique, from an organisations culture and values, through to it’s management style.  So why is there such a demand for external … read more »

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