How to get the most from an employee survey

This is the first in a series of blogs detailing how to get the most from your employee survey.

Why should you spend time and money conducting an employee survey?

The answer is that a growing body of evidence shows that HR outcomes influence business outcomes. A number of researchers have clearly established this critical link between employee satisfaction and organisational performance.

  • Employee perceptions of the organisational environment are related to their job involvement, effort, and performance.
  • People practices have been found to have a significant impact on improvements not only in employee satisfaction, but also in the organisation’s productivity and financial performance .
  • There is a significant amount of research demonstrating that employees have the greatest single impact on customer service .
  • Correlation and regression analyses on data gathered from grocery superstores demonstrates the link between employee satisfaction and business performance.
  • Engaged employees are more innovative.
  • Significant difference in bottom-line results in companies with highly-engaged employees.
  • Many aspects of organisational communication have been found to have significant influence on job satisfaction, for example communicating job responsibilities, goals and objectives, deadlines and job expectations, communicating freely and regularly, and reviewing work and salary regularly.

Using employee research you can establish an understanding of employee perceptions within your organisation and use this information to improve the bottom line. A survey, in particular, can provide insight into what motivates your employees and makes them like their job. The simple metric output from a survey can help you identify areas for action and allow you to track improvements once changes have been made.

Measurement systems have long been in place for other company metrics, such as return on investment or earnings-per-share. In the same way, employee survey metrics can be powerful tools in bringing about strategic change.  As the saying goes:

“What gets measured, gets done.”

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