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Employee survey communication

May 13th, 2011 by Jaime Johnson | No Responses

We are about to start work with a client taking up the mantle for their employee survey from a previous supplier.

As part of our planning meeting we discussed pre-survey communication, as it will play a pivotal role in ensuring that we can maximise response rates.

We spent quite sometime talking through the work the client had undertaken as a result of the previous survey – in fact we were impressed to say the least.  They had taken two organisational wide issues (connected with their values and how they communicate) and organised for improvements to be made in a number of ways.  In addition, they were supporting local managers in making changes at local and departmental levels.  They had also been monitoring, anecdotally, to see if the work they were undertaking was having a positive effect and, generally, feedback was good.

All in all, they had taken onboard the feedback from their people, taken action to instill positive change – so, no problems … read more »

Central Surrey Health partners with The Survey Initiative

May 9th, 2011 by Gary Cattermole | No Responses

We are pleased and proud to announce that Central Surrey Health have chosen to partner with us for their forthcoming co-owner survey.

Central Surrey Health provides therapy and community nursing services to the 280,000 strong population of central Surrey.

It was the first social enterprise to come out of the NHS, and is owned and run by the 700+ nurses and therapists it employs. Social enterprises are defined as ‘businesses that operate with the drive, determination and discipline of a ‘for profit’ company, but which critically, trade for a social purpose.’

Central Surrey Health’s ethos is to combine the values and principles of the NHS with the ‘can do’ culture of a successfully run business. Since 2006 – through having the freedom to innovate and do things differently – Central Surrey Health has improved services and is using public money more efficiently. This success is now being recognised locally and nationally.

Gary Cattermole, Partner at The Survey Initiative says … read more »

What does employee engagement actually look like? Part 2

May 5th, 2011 by Gary Cattermole | No Responses

I was at a meeting recently and was asked how best to describe employee engagement (it’s quite a common question!).  I took a few minutes to take the group through the various definitions from different perspectives: academia, consulting companies and those at the coalface.

In addition, I provided some clear examples of what true engagement is and what it looks like in the real word.

I posted in a previous blog (What does employee engagement actually look like?) about my ideas for what employee engagement looks like but I thought you might be interested in one of the other examples I used.

Imagine the scenario, if I were to suggest that we got some technical savvy people working as a group together to design some fantastic software, sounds good so far.  What if they worked for free, and volunteered their efforts? Then imagine, that we ‘gave away’ the results of … read more »

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