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Employee empowerment pulse surveys

April 26th, 2011 by Gary Cattermole

We have been asked by a consulting client to undertake a survey on behalf of one of their client organisations looking into Employee Empowerment.

Our consulting client is working with the organisation to instill more autonomous decision-making within their employee population; this is part of wider development and engagement programme.

We are undertaking short, regular, pulse style surveys using a dozen focused questions around empowerment.  The idea being that we track and monitor views from employees over a twelve-month period to ensure that the work managers are doing around empowerment is having the desired effect.

As well as including internal benchmarking in the reporting, we are also providing external benchmarking for all of the survey items, so that our consulting client can discuss and provide context to the organisations results.

We thought you might be interested in seeing a few of the questions we are using:

  1. My manager encourages me to make my own decisions as far as possible
  2. My manager consults me before making decisions that will affect me
  3. This is the type of job in which I can feel a sense of accomplishment

In addition to the twelve empowerment items, we are also collecting information relating to teams and departments (plus other demographic data), so that we can provide reports at local level.  We will use this information to provide trend analysis, identify areas where individuals feel empowered and areas that could learn from best practice within the organisation.

You can read more about our employee empowerment surveys and also about benchmarking within our site.

Written by Gary Cattermole
Gary Cattermole is a Director at The Survey Initiative, a dedicated employee research organisation devoted to helping its clients gain insight and understanding into what drives employee engagement in their business. Gary has extensive expertise and experience in a range of employee research techniques from employees surveys and 360 degree feedback to workshop facilitation and action planning sessions, working with a diverse range of clients such as EPSON, Telegraph Media Group, Natural History Museum, AVEVA and Accor. Gary is an avid sports fan, in particular table tennis and football. Visit http://www.surveyinitiative.co.uk for more information.

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