What does employee engagement actually look like?

As you probably know, there is a lot written about employee engagement, lots of articles, blogs, tweets, video uploads of HR people talking about engagement and what it is.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is ‘What does engagement look like?’

As you can imagine, this is difficult to answer. Employees and business leaders alike will find it difficult to put into words what this looks like.  I would like to offer an example of true engagement and you will be able to see for yourself what it looks like.

Take a look at the video below – it’s been around for a while (I appreciate the music may not be to everyone’s taste) just watch what happens…

[youtube_sc url=WwRo0iCvoYE width=520 fs=1]

Isn’t that a great example of a group (when I say group, we are talking about 21,000 people!) of people truly engaged in what they are doing?  They love what they are trying to achieve, they are working individually to get their dance moves spot on but also collectively for a wider goal and greater good.  They know in advance what they are trying to achieve and can clearly see how they, individually and collectively will reach that goal.  They are also able to see the results of their work.

Just imagine the sense of pride and achievement they must have felt when they saw the finished video.

What would it be worth to your organisation to have your employees and teams that engaged? Just imagine what they could achieve.

So, a really simple, clear example of what employee engagement looks like.

Next time we’ll look at how to recognise engagement, until then, have a good day!!!