Internal Communication Survey with media giant

We are currently working on an internal communication survey, looking at communication within a media group and specifically at the communication around a project launch. It’s a really exciting project to be working on, particularly, as the client have embraced the idea of running a short ‘pulse’ survey and are looking at a maximum of nine questions!

The aim is to make the survey as relevant as possible for those completing the survey and also for those working to action the feedback. In addition to the seven core questions, each department head has been given the opportunity to develop two questions for their department. As channels of communication are often utilised differently across different departments and teams, it will be interesting to see what questions the department heads develop and whether there are any reoccurring themes.

We look forward to reviewing the results of the survey and hope to share any highlights.

Every organisation is constantly developing and incorporating new techniques for communicating with their customers. However, are organisations missing a trick in reconsidering how internal communication works? In light of the new digital age and the increased use of social media, it can only be expected that the demand for information from employees and the format in which it is presented may be changing and needs to be reviewed. If you would like to discuss how we could help you develop an internal communication survey or for more details, click the link.