Employee engagement for the sake of it…

Many organisations now recognise that employee engagement can have an impact on the bottom line and is important to business success.  In addition Senior Management are clear that engagement is a crucial aspect for their organisation moving forward.

However, in our experience, some seem so keen to create an environment where employees can be engaged and motivated and go that extra mile that they forget one of the fundamental aspects of the process.

Your employees must be working towards a common goal or vision.  Your employees must understand and more importantly buy into that vision and see clearly how, individually and collectively, they contribute to that vision.  Otherwise you run the very real risk of enabling your employees to be fully engaged but not necessarily working towards interests of your organisation!

Communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your teams and employees understand where the organisation is going.  The biggest influencers here though are your managers, be it Senior, Middle and Team Leaders.


These groups have direct contact with the employees, on a day-to-day basis and have a strikingly important impact on an employees perception of working life.  They can, literally, engage or disengage your employees.  These groups must be ‘vision advocates’; they must understand fully what the aims, objectives, vision and values of the organisation are and must be able to articulate this to your employees.

Without this, your employees are one step removed from the vision and are far less likely to buy into it.

The outcome?

Well, you may well end up with engaged employees, going the extra mile and putting that additional effort in on a voluntary basis but really, what would be the point if they aren’t working towards the organisations goals?

Don’t forget to ensure your employees clearly understand where you are heading, why and how they contribute to this – without that employee engagement is employee engagement for the sake of it.