Carbon neutral policy launched

Having undertaken a commitment to reduce our impact on the climate we have developed a carbon management strategy for going carbon neutral.

The strategy highlights our intention to audit our carbon footprint annually and sets out a number of actions which we intend to implement and review our progress against. The aim being to work to reduce our impact in the long term and hopefully in doing so, generate some cost savings.

Highlighted actions

  1. In the short term buy emission reduction to enable us to make real emission reductions now and to help us to price the cost of carbon into our budgets.
  2. Raise staff awareness by encouraging them to undertake online training modules with the Carbon Trust
  3. We already conduct much of our communications online and propose continue to do so to reduce paper usage and waste.
  4. For necessary trips, we will aim where possible to use public transport, try to plan more than one meeting in the area.
  5. Ensure lights and electrical items are turned off at source when not in use.

We would be grateful for any actions that you feel we may find useful in our quest for becoming carbon neutral.

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