Top tips for conducting employee surveys

  • Ask yourself why you are running the survey. What you are trying to achieve?
  • Communicate the purpose of the survey; an effective communication strategy will help boost employee participation.
  • Collect meaningful demographic data while ensuring anonymity to give insight and context.
  • Ensure each question relates directly to the survey objectives.
  • Consult a variety of staff about the topics the survey is going to cover, perhaps by forming a steering group that includes a cross section of employees.
  • Keep the time required to complete the survey to a minimum (about 10-15 minutes).
  • Be open and honest with the results and commit to feeding them back.
  • Don’t try to act on everything that the survey throws up; pick two or three key items.
  • Set targets for improvement and periodically revisit them to ensure that any remedial work has the desired effect.