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Top tips for conducting employee surveys

May 17th, 2010 by Jaime Johnson | No Responses
  • Ask yourself why you are running the survey. What you are trying to achieve?
  • Communicate the purpose of the survey; an effective communication strategy will help boost employee participation.
  • Collect meaningful demographic data while ensuring anonymity to give insight and context.
  • Ensure each question relates directly to the survey objectives.
  • Consult a variety of staff about the topics the survey is going to cover, perhaps by forming a steering group that includes a cross section of employees.
  • Keep the time required to complete the survey to a minimum (about 10-15 minutes).
  • Be open and honest with the results and commit to feeding them back.
  • Don’t try to act on everything that the survey throws up; pick two … read more »

Why use employee surveys?

May 17th, 2010 by Jaime Johnson | No Responses

An employee survey is a reliable, cost-effective way to find out what people in your organisation really think and feel. Surveys will not only give you a deep insight into how engaged your employees are, they also identify areas of prime attention, enabling you to continually improve motivation.

Employee surveys can play an important role in your wider consultation process, They can inform employees and give you feedback on employment prospects or decisions that may lead to changes in work organisation or contractual relations.

Annual and half-yearly employee engagement and opinion surveys are by far the most popular kind of employee research activity. However, the following types of research programmes are also emerging:

  • Internal customer service evaluation;
  • Procedure and policy evaluation;
  • Stress audit;
  • Work/life balance audit;
  • Internal communications … read more »
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